Miss FQ

Miss FQ

This makeup tool will change everything

The internet has been abuzz recently about a new way of blending makeup.

When a number of makeup experts realised that silicone rubber was the answer to achieving a flawless finish, women all around the world started rubbing their faces with their bra inserts. Hey, whatever works right? Thankfully this strange habit has been surpassed by the silicone sponge — a small clear rubber pad with near-magic qualities.

Blending makeup smoothly without the wastage you get from your usual sponges and brushes, silicone sponges are easy to wipe clean, fast drying and more hygienic than other blending tools. The soft silicone pad flexes around the curves of your face and pushes foundation into your skin for a more natural finish. They can also be used to apply blush, bronzer and highlighter.
Currently available online via La Femme Beauty, order one — or three — because trust us, your friends will be stealing them from you.

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