Egyptian Magic Cream is a multi-purpose balm that is formulated with exclusively natural plants and organisms, providing healing, nourishment, and hydration that have been used by Egyptians for thousands of years. This deeply nourishing balm can treat a number of skin conditions, ranging from skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis, dry or flaky skin.

Egyptian Magic’s healing benefits aren’t limited to the skin on the body or the face. This cream is suitable for use on the hair as well as a dry, itchy scalp, keeping you fresh, hydrated, and comfortable from head to toe. Smooth a bit of this nourishing cream on split ends to smooth or apply before bed for an incredible overnight hair treatment. 

One of the most famous clients that Egyptian Magic claims has used their product may be a name you recognize: Cleopatra. It’s said that Cleopatra used this formula to maintain her otherworldly beauty, using it on her skin as well as her hair, to keep both hydrated, supple, and stunning. If it’s good enough for Cleopatra, a legendary beauty, it’s definitely a must have for anyone looking for a go-to beauty multi-tasker!

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