No Ordinary thing: Shaking up the beauty industry

No Ordinary thing: Shaking up the beauty industry

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No Ordinary thing: Shaking up the beauty industry

By Sarah Templeton 31/10/2019

La Femme Beauty

Look, you're a busy woman - you have Boxfit classes to go to, friends to meet for drinks, and bank statements to ignore. That's why it's so wonderful to live in 2019, a year where we can subscribe to easy and convenient plans for just about anything.

Meal kits for cooking, Netflix for streaming… honestly, how did past generations do it?

But even in this glorious year of convenience, you may not have known you can subscribe to skincare.

Enter online makeup and cosmetics retailers who are stepping up their game. Kiwi-owned and operated online store La Femme Beauty is one of those, shipping a wide range of makeup and skincare to New Zealand and world-wide beauty fans.

For the first time La Femme Beauty offers subscription sets for cult skincare brand The Ordinary. They stock brands that are harder to find locally in New Zealand, and the official stockist of The Ordinary has become the go-to destination for everything beauty related.

Probably glimpsed on your Instagram feed and heroed by such stalwart publications as Elle, New Yorker and Glamour, The Ordinary is a brand creating a lot of buzz.

La Femme Beauty
Celebrity blogger Wayne Goss posts regularly about The Ordinary range. Photo credit: Supplied

Celebrities and famous bloggers like Wayne Goss, Huda Kattan and Kim Kardashian have expressed their love for The Ordinary.  

The fuss began with the retinol products, which racked up an international cult following. Quickly celebrities and beauty bloggers alike began to catch on, touting such winners as the Niacinamide 10%, Vitamin C serum and the Squalane cleanser. Also the highly regarded Buffet plus Copper Peptides and Glycolic Acid 7% toning solution.

It's a brand built on transparency - literally what you see on the label is what you get. Never before have numbers in a product name been so sexy.

And the PRICE. Often 'cheap as chips' can mean 'don't even bother' (supermarket brands, anyone?) but in this case, the brand punches far above its thrifty weight.

If you're sick of standing in certain cosmetics mega-stores with suspiciously beautiful assistants trying to offer you tiny bottles costing maybe one week's worth of rent, a subscription skincare service ticks all the boxes. It takes the THINKING out - the worst part, as we all know.

La Femme Beauty
La Femme Beauty: The No-Brainer set is great for those starting out.

For first-timers, we'd recommend something like The No Brainer set, particularly if you are starting out and not familiar with what to use.

Another goodie is The Essentials kit; an anti-ageing, brightening, moisturising selection of players you need in your arsenal, including the heavenly Vitamin C Suspension 30%. This suspension has gained a cult following for a reason. Much more effective than those Vitamin C chewies mum used to make you take, this serum will brighten and tighten, making it look like you're not hung-over on the last day of 60-hour working week - speaking from experience.

If your skin has been left shrivelled up after this biblical long winter, you're probably more interested in the Thirsty Skin kit. The magic ingredient? The Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 formula. Hyaluronic acid binds to the skin and retains water, making you look as plumped and hydrated as if you actually drink the amount of water you tell your naturopath you do.

La Femme Beauty
Photo credit: La Femme Beauty - The Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA is a favourite.

My personal favourite? The Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, found in many of the subscription kits on La Femme Beauty. It's one of the only moisturisers that punches above its weight, keeping my skin hydrated all day even when faced with the air conditioning, excess coffee and day-to-day stress I throw at it.

If you're not sold yet, let this be the clincher. The subscription kits on La Femme Beauty?


My work here is done.

Click here to subscribe or find out more, or take a look at La Femme’s Facebook page for inspiration.


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