MODELROCK Light Ultra Luxe - Short 8mm


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LIGHT Ultra Luxe - Short 8mm

  • MODELROCK's 'LIGHT' ULTRA LUXE Individual Lashes take lash customisation to the next level
  • The 'LIGHT' ULTRA LUXE Individual Lashes have been made from the finest grade synthetic silk materials and is on trend to give your eyes that world-class luxury lash look that celebrities and lash fashionistas Love!
  • 'LIGHT' ULTRA LUXE Individuals are C-Curl on a 10D cluster seamless base
  • They have been designed with a seamless lash base that will give the most natural appearance to the eyes with an effortless application process
  • Create the 'lightest' and most beautiful 'Super Natural' lash look that is ultra-light and wispy
  • 60 x CLUSTERS (6 x rows of Short 8mm)
  • LOVED by Makeup artists across the Globe MODELROCK's Original ULTRA LUXE individual lashes have set a trend in Professional lash customisation since our custom designing of them in 2012
  • Sizing charts are an indication of approximate length - as all of the lashes are 100% hand-made the length 'can' differ just slightly due to the hand-made nature of the product

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